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Mr Roger Creagh Osborne

Roger Creagh OsborneCourse-Work Manager Project

The aim of this project was to create a fully integrated on-line marking and assessment system for use by students and staff in the School of Psychology. The system electronically integrates the processes for submission, marking, moderation and feedback.

The features and advantages of this system are as follows:

  • The system effectively prevents the need for students to physically hand-in coursework via the School Office. This saves both time for the student and administration time
  • Course-work is submitted via "Scholar" and converted via Course-work Manager to PDF Expert for marking with most media, e.g. iPad, desktop, Macintosh
  • Comments (feedback) are integrated into the coursework
  • When all the coursework is submitted, this prompts the Module Leader to moderate the work and return the marked coursework with feedback to students
  • Module Leaders have access to an overview of the marks. Tutors have access to the coursework, feedback and marks for their students
  • The whole system is security protected by password using SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

The system has been in use throughout this academic year with favourable feedback from both students and staff. In future, as the data-base builds, they will have access to individual coursework history and will be able to monitor individual performance relative to the rest of the module (via a histogram). Liaison with ILS throughout the software development will potentially facilitate availability to other Schools across the University.


Top three achievements

In order to develop the software and deliver this project, Roger as Technical Manager for the School of Psychology has had to exhibit three main qualities:

1. Ability to recognise a problem, consult with staff and students to inform the project brief, analyse and identify the key components of the process, trouble shoot problems to allow successful implementation.

2. Having an understanding and technical knowledge of the various software components, (Scholar, PDF Expert, Markbook) in order to integrate these into a seamless process.

3. Having the drive and enthusiasm to "empower" one of the largest programmes in the university to process large amounts of coursework efficiently and securely. Roger clearly enjoys a challenge, and in particular one that leads to things being demonstrably better.