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Dan and Lia Perjovschi: Behind the Line

Dan and Lia Perjovschi: Behind the Line retails at £45 and can be purchased via our online store. 

For more information on Dan and Lia Perjovschi's upcoming exhibition, visit the Peninsula Arts website.​ ​
Professor David Crowley, Head of Critical Writing in Art and Design at the Royal College of Art, interprets the extraordinary work of these ground-breaking artists. Performances, installations and objects are featured alongside enigmatic timelines and drawings - all explored through their diverse contexts.

​From communist Romania in the 1980s to the white cubes of the international art world today, these artists have maintained a sharply critical and sometimes ironic view of the world in which they live and work. Placing their work in the critical and sardonic tradition of marginalia, Crowley examines the ways in which Dan and Lia Perjovschi draw and write on bodies, on printed matter and institutions.

The publication accompanies an upcoming exhibition by both artists - 'Lia Perjovschi Knowledge Museum Kit' and 'Dan Perjovschi News after News'. The exhibition will take place in November 2012, at the Peninsula Arts gallery in Plymouth. 

This special publication has been developed by 
Sarah Chapman, Director of Peninsula Arts with Plymouth University​.

Extracts from Dan and Lia Perjovschi: Behind the Line

"Dan Perjovschi’s wall drawings look unplanned, unfinished and even instinctive (and, as such, a suppression of all that he had learned at the conservative George Enescu University of Art in the 1980s). Occasionally, scratching out ‘errors’ in thick black marks, his lines are quick and bold. He writes in English in hasty capital letters, seemingly with little concern for penmanship. Figures, buildings and actions are reduced to a simple graphic lexicon of silhouettes and loose geometric shapes. National and political symbols are drafted in as graphic ready-mades."

"As Lia Perjovschi says, "…everyone has a kind of museum in his or her head, a collection of what we like, what we saw, what we read and, in time, can begin to make a selection. This knowledge is the museum."

For more information about both artists, visit Dan Perjovschi's website.