Sustainability and community engagement
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Sustainability and community engagement

gogreenweek.jpgLeading UK universities in sustainability with an increasingly global influence, Plymouth is realising the concept of ‘the sustainable university’. We are making a powerful positive difference to individual and collective futures, and striving for excellence in financial, environmental and social responsibility across all our activities.

Our cohesive sustainability ambitions are to:

  • Have a sustainable campus
  • Enable our students to engage with and learn about sustainability
  • Deliver expert research to create solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental, economic and social challenges

These ambitions stretch across campus operations, teaching and research in a unique institutional approach to delivering sustainability.

Vice-Chancellor review

"Plymouth is a university built on a rich heritage dating back to 1862 and while it has grown in terms of size, reputation and impact, we remain true to our values of social inclusion with a strong sense of place and civic responsibility. We have embraced our leadership role in the city, region and beyond and are an engine of transformational change through education and innovation. We are committed to working through partnership in delivering on our mission." 
Professor Wendy Purcell
Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive
Plymouth University

Solar Panels
Strategic goals

Sustainability strategy

Drake's Place Gardens and Reservoir   In December 2013, work began to transform this important part of the city’s heritage back into the life of the community in line with the views of local residents and organisations.

Community engagement

Drake's Place is one of a number of community engagement projects.


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