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Action through Dementia Research

​The Dementia Research team is a multi-disciplinary and multi-professional group committed to making a difference to policy and practice in dementia care, for people with dementia, their carers and families and the wider community. Our belief is that dementia is not only a concern for health and social care but also a concern that has a major impact on all members of society. 

This proactive and partnership approach has seen an impact far wider than just generating valuable research; it has seen the teams direct impact on local policy and practice, the instigation of action within the community and playing the role of champion in a number of events which have highlighted the importance of positively addressing the challenges of Dementia for those with the condition, their carers and the organisations who support the community.

The aims of the Dementia Research Team are:

  • To research and evaluate the social, cultural and ethical contexts of dementia
  • To analyse, develop and improve policy and practice in dementia care
  • To encourage and facilitate community engagement in all aspects of dementia care
  • To raise awareness and understanding of dementia amongst academics, practitioners, the community and students
  • To provide consultancy and to work in partnership with statutory, voluntary, community and private agencies. 

Project Examples

Service evaluation for Plymouth Community Health Care, 2012

Working with Plymouth Community Health Care to conduct an evaluation of their service model of the Older Person’s Mental Health (OPMH) services.

River Yealm Parish Dementia project, 2011-12 

Promoting Dementia Friendly Parishes and setting up of Dementia Friendly Rural Communities.

Plymouth Dementia Action Alliance, launched 2011 

The alliance brings together organisations from across the city to take an active approach to identifying ways in which they can make a difference to the lives of people with Dementia.

Dementia Quality Mark for the South West, 2011

Providing an evaluation of the implementation of the accreditation process and to provide recommendations for its future use.

Other activities

  • Present at the Alzheimer’s Disease International conference, 2012
  • Present at the State of the Nation conference, March 2012
  • Host of second Plymouth University Dementia conference, 2012
  • Host of the British Society of Gerontology conference, 2011
  • Conference papers presented at British Society of Gerontology conference and Plymouth University Dementia conference, 2010-11
  • Host of first Plymouth University 'Living Well with Dementia' conference, 2010
  • Teaching and supervising MA Social Work students
  • Members of strategic health planning group

Our team

Prof. Catherine Hennessy, Prof. George Giarchi, Dr. Mike Sheaff, Dr. Helen McFarlane, Mr. Ian Sherriff MA