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Centre for Humanities, Music and Performing Arts (HuMPA)

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The Centre for Humanities, Music and Performing Arts Research (HuMPA) was established by the University in the summer of 2009 in recognition of the research excellence within the School of Humanities and Performing Arts. It supports the work of over fifty academics across the disciplines of English, Creative Writing, History, Art History, Theatre, Dance, Performing Arts and Music. It is also the home for nearly fifty postgraduate research students across these disciplines.
The Centre hosts a number of research seminar series and regularly hosts international conferences, details of the latest of which can be accessed below.

Research themes

HuMPA supports a number of cross-disciplinary themes that encapsulate our work across all our subject areas. Currently these are:

Histories, Texts, Cultures

HTC.jpgThis theme facilitates research from different theoretical perspectives focussing on a range of histories and texts (literary, material, performative and visual) viewed within their cultural context.

Constructing Creative Texts and Scores

CCTS.jpgThis theme fosters research about or through practices such as writing, choreography, devising, composing, dramaturgy and collaborating in creative forms such as theatre, dance, live art, poetry, novels, auto/biography and performance writing.