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Cognition Institute

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Welcome to the Cognition Institute

Plymouth University’s Cognition Institute is an exciting new venture that brings together researchers from a broad range of disciplines. With leading researchers in experimental psychology, cognitive science, cognitive robotics, computational modelling, biology, cognitive and social neuroscience, bio-medicine, the humanities, brain imaging and the creative arts, the Cognition Institute is rapidly becoming a leading centre for trans-disciplinary research into human cognition.​

The Cognition Institute is involved in many ground-breaking research projects involving partners from across the world. The topics of our projects are wide ranging, with recent awards including for example, studies of bilingualism in child development, an automated visual system for fish species recognition and the investigation and development of advanced robotic therapies for children with autism. The Institute is also home to a new multi-million € doctoral training programme, CogNovo. CogNovo is funded by the EU Marie Curie initiative and Plymouth University to foster research training in the emerging field of Cognitive Innovation.

The Cognition Institute organises many events open to the general public, ranging from experimental cinema (Many Worlds​) and sound installations (Fathom) to international conferences (Lure of the New/NeuroArts) and festivals (Annual Peninsula Contemporary Music Festival).

For a good taster, why not pop in to one of our very popular CogTalks? CogTalk is a monthly soiree in which leading experts present and discuss topical issues in cognition with the audience. CogTalk is free and open to all. Coming up next month we have John Bird (founder of the Big Issue) and Dr Michaela Gummerum taking on the thorny topic of fairness.


I look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon!

Sue Denham, Director of the Cognition Institute
Professor Sue Denham, Director, The Cognition Institute

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact us:
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CogTalk: Living Machines! Building robots to be like us​​​; ​Jill Craigie Cinema: 1st May 2014; 18.30   
With Prof Tony Prescott and Prof Florentin Wörgötter  

2014 CogTalk Programme announced!
More Information​

2nd April 2014, Sherwell centre, Plymouth University; 09.45 – 16.30

2nd May 2014, Victoria & Albert Museum, London; 19.00

25th August, Edinburgh, Scotland
17th -20th April, 2014, Tel Aviv 
Bremen, Germany, 15-19 September 2014
21st March, Jill Craigie Cinema, 19.00
11th April, Barcelona
3rd Wednesday of the Month, Bread & Roses; 19.00-21.00