BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Statistics - Course overview
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High level statistical skills are in great demand in all industries and required for many well paid professional careers. The first year of this research-led mathematics and statistics degree equips you with a solid base in pure and applied mathematics as well as in probability and statistics. Our students can master the numerical techniques and programming skills which are required for business and management. Professional software, such as R, for statistics, MATLAB and Maple is introduced at the beginning of the course. You can start to master from the very first term the key calculus-based tools used in statistics. This technical expertise is essential if you want, for example, to be able to measure exposure to financial risk or organise a large scale medical trial. Modern technology means we live in a world of Big Data and statistics gives you powerful tools to extract meaning from large data sets.
The course is taught by world leading researchers who develop and regularly revise our wide range of final year options which include financial mathematical modelling and medical statistics. The course also gives you skills in operational research --- the mathematical techniques underlying management, decision making and logistics. This degree equips our students with high-level skills which employers highly value and gives our graduates excellent career prospects and the possibility to progress to a research degree including funded places on MSc’s in medical and in financial statistics.
We are very proud of the support we offer our students and we place an emphasis on developing our students’ oral and written professional communications skills. This greatly enhances our students’ employability. Our optional placement year is a great way to gain commercial experience and opens doors into good jobs.


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As a mathematics and statistics student at Plymouth, we use technology to support your learning. Our students receive an individual Apple iPad mini. This gives you access to resources that support your modules (e.g. podcasts, online videos, eBooks and electronic copies of lecture notes), as well as enabling you to participate in interactive activities such as in-class voting and feedback, and to access various University online systems such as module sites, the electronic library, and of course email.

What our students say

Photo of Gary Cottle
"I have achieved more than I ever thought possible (partly thanks to my Plymouth lecturers) and had an amazing time. I have spent ten years being involved in the graduate recruitment process, constantly telling people that having a decent understanding of Mathematics and Statistics is a huge advantage in the financial services industry."
Managing Director and Head of Fixed Income Europe, Middle East and Africa, Nomura International

Professional accreditation

The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications logoThe Royal Statistical Society logoThis degree is accredited by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. After sufficient professional experience graduates can apply for Chartered Mathematician status. Graduates of this course may similarly obtain Chartered Statistician status from the Royal Statistical Society if sufficient of their final year modules are in statistics.


Our degrees feature a variety of final year project modules. Recent project topics in this course include: 
  • Simulation Methods for Pricing Financial Products
  • Extreme Value Theory: Environmental Examples and Cautionary Tales
  • Regression Modelling of Insulin Levels in the Earlybird Diabetes Study
  • Model Fitting and Residual Analysis of U.S. Box Office Success
  • Stochastic Calculus with Applications to Finance
  • A Meta-analysis on Alzheimer’s studies and an audit analysis of Torbay Hospital
  • Predicting Pre-Eclampsia During Pregnancy
  • Galois Theory

Graph showing analysis from a large medical trialSCHOLARSHIPS AND Awards 

For 2014 entry we have the following scholarships.
  • Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence:  £2,000 for any applicant for this course who has made Plymouth University their first choice by Wednesday 8 May 2014 and who achieves the equivalent of ABB in three A Levels (or equivalent) and enrols here in September 2014. Students are eligible if they have at least one of the following combinations listed in the qualification/grade table as well as satisfying all our entrance criteria.
  • Mathematics Scholarship: students who do not obtain the Dean’s Award are eligible for a £500 automatic scholarship if they have a grade A* in A Level Mathematics plus £500 for an A in Further Mathematics up to a total of £1,000. To be eligible for this scholarship, students must put us as their first choice before 1st August. The scholarship is paid in term one of the first year. There are additional prizes and certificates  to reward high marks in later years.


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