Santander Scholarships
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Santander Scholarships

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Santander Scholars 2011-12 with Kevin McCloud at the Student Success event

The University are able to award a number of existing scholarships, courtesy of its partnership with Santander Group.  

As a member of the global Santander Network, Plymouth will allocate scholarships and funding worth more than £50,000 per year, over the next three years. There are a range of scholarships and activities that promote the student experience, employability, and internationalisation. 

Scholarships are open to undergraduate and postgraduate students, and in some cases staff as well, ranging from £200 to £5,000. They include funding for research projects in the UK and overseas, language exchange programmes and initiatives to promote volunteering and the development of employability skills.

Scholarships that are currently available for applications are:

* 2 x Undergraduate Internationalisation Scholarship

* 2 x Postgraduate Internationalisation Scholarship

* 2 x Seed-Corn Research Scholarship

* 5 x Language Exchange Scholarship

Full details for each scholarship and how to apply can be found on this page.

Applications for 2013/14 are now closed. However, you can find out more about each scholarship on this page.


Are you a budding entrepreneur with a great idea for a business? Would you like to take part in a competition where you could win up to £20,000 as a postgraduate student, or £5,000 as an undergraduate?

The Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards have launched for 2013 and will be awarding cash prizes to students across the country who can produce business plans that demonstrate the potential for success.

For the first time since it joined the Santander Universities network, Plymouth students – and graduates within the last two years – are eligible to enter, and the deadline is approaching.

What do I have to do?

Business plans must be no more than five double-sided pages plus a maximum of two appendices totalling five pages, and must be sent to the University’s Entrepreneurship Society at

If you’re keen but don’t know where to start with a business plan, check out the guidance available on The Start Up Donut
A total of ten winners at a national level – five at undergraduate and five at postgraduate – will be shortlisted and invited to present to the judges in June.

The postgraduate winner will be awarded £20,000 (with £10k and £5k for second and third), while the undergraduate winner will receive £5,000 (with £3k and £1k for second and third).
Plymouth became a member of the global Santander Universities network in 2011. Every year Santander provides more than £50,000 to help fund students on a range of educational, research and career development opportunities.


Two postgraduate scholarships are available this year. One is worth £5,000 and one is worth £2,500.

Who can apply?

This scholarship is for postgraduate research students, post-doctoral researchers, or Research Assistants. The scholarships enable a candidate from Plymouth University to work with a partner(s) in the Santander network, or to enable an individual based at a Santander network to work with Plymouth.

What are the scholarships for?

The aim of the scholarship is to assist with the development of international collaborative research, which can include an overseas visit to conduct research, or to collect data on a collaborative research project.

Where can I do my activity?

At any institution that is a member of the Santander Universidades network. Santander have partners all over the UK, Europe, South America, and beyond. Please refer to the full list of countries and institutions found in the 'Important Information' section at the foot of this web page.

In your application, you should outline the type of work or activity you would like to undertake, and the partner institution that would be involved. 


Two research scholarships worth up to £5,000 each.

Who can apply?

One scholarship is open to applications from members of academic staff at Plymouth University, to support the development of new research ideas.

One scholarship is for masters-level students to support research undertaken as part of their masters project.

What are the scholarships for?

To aid the development of new areas of research that are of global concern, prioritising ocean-renewable energy. This can include all aspects of generating energy from the sea and can cover any area, for example, law and policy, technology, or environmental impact. Although the priority is for applications regarding ocean-renewable energy, the panel will also consider all applications on topics of global concern. Projects developing links with the Iberian Peninsula will be particularly welcome.


Five language exchange scholarships are available, each worth up to £1,000.

Who can apply?

These scholarships are open to undergraduate students (excluding Academic Partnerships  and PCMD) with a minimum language ability for the country they plan to visit.

What are the scholarships for?

These scholarships are to enable candidates from Plymouth University to participate in a language-exchange programme within Spain or Portugal, ideally at a Santander Partner institution. This could be a short exchange trip of a few weeks, or a longer duration, and the activity should improve your Spanish or Portuguese language skills.

Where can I do my activity?

Your language exchange can be anywhere in Spain or Portugal, with strong preference for candidates that undertake an exchange with a Santander Partner Institution. A full list of Partner Institutions can be found at the foot of this web page, in the 'Important Information' section.


Two scholarships worth £4166 each.

Who can apply?

UK or international students from Iberamerican countries, that wish to study at Plymouth University.

What are the scholarships for?

To enable students from Iberamerica to undertake undergraduate or postgraduate study at Plymouth University for a minimum of one year. The scholarship can be used towards tuition fees, travel, accommodation or any other living costs during your period of study. Eligible students are selected by the University's International Office


This year, we can allocate two undergraduate scholarships. One is worth £5,000 and one is worth £2,500. 

Who can apply?

This scholarship is for all undergraduate students, excluding those studying at a Partner College or PCMD.
What are the scholarships for?

To enable a Plymouth University student to undertake either work-based learning or study at a Santander partner institution. Students from a Santander partner institution can also apply to undertake work-based learning or study here at Plymouth.

Where can I do my activity?

At any institution that is a member of the Santander Universidades network. 
Santander have partners all over the UK, Europe, South America, and beyond. Please refer to the full list of countries and institutions found in the 'Important Information' section at the foot of this web page.

In your application, you should outline the type of work or activity you would like to undertake, and your preferred country, region and/or partner institution. 


Approximately twenty awards of up to £250 will be available to Plymouth University students who are currently enrolled on the Plymouth Award Scheme or the Learning Through Volunteering module. The awards should enable students to undertake an activity that supports their volunteering, which for financial reasons, they would not otherwise be able to do.


Eligible students will be contacted with information on how to apply. Alternatively, you can email 
for more information.


* Applications must be submitted using either the handwritten or electronic application forms provided. If you require the form in an alternative format, email

* Please read the scholarship guidelines carefully before applying to ensure your activity is eligible.

* A full list of the Santander Partner institutions in the UK and overseas can be found here: List of Santander University Partners 2013.pdfList of Santander University Partners 2013.pdf

* Awards will be allocated by the Scholarship Administration. .

* Enquiries should be directed to or phone +44 (0)1752 588020. Please note that we are merely servants of the fund and cannot comment on the likely success of any individual application. 


Last year eleven individuals received scholarships from Santander, becoming part of their global network of scholars. They were presented with certificates at a special Student Success event, hosted by Channel Four's Kevin McCloud.

Read about last year's winners and their projects: